A digital marketing audit is simply an inspection of all the practices,
strategies and outcomes of what your business has been doing to establish and improve its online presence.

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1. Does your company have a website?

2. Do you have presence on social media?

3. Which social media platforms do you use?

4. How many followers are there in each of the platforms?

5. What is the average engagement you get per channel?

6. Do you use paid advertising mediums?

7. Do you use email marketing strategy?

8. Does your website contain all the correct information about your company?

9. Are your Social media channels listed down on your website?

10. Are the descriptions of your company proper and correct in all social media channels?

11. Do you have a content strategy?

12. Are your contents professionally managed by an Agency?

13. Which type of contents are you using?

14. Do you have any forms on your website, Facebook, blog, etc?

15. Do your offline activities connect back to digital channels i.e. print ads, trade shows, etc.?

16. Are you cross linking all your social media channels to each other and the webstie?

17. Are you using influencer marketing for promotion?

18. Have you set clear objective from your digital marketing efforts?

19. What is your objective?

20. Do you review your reports from website and social media platforms and analyse regularly?

21. Which key criteria do you use to analyse your website performance?

22. Which criteria do you value in social media?

23. How often do you analyse your reports?

24. Would you take any action if the report is presented?

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